At Renderby, it starts over a chat.

Step 1

Initial Consultation​

At Renderby, we believe that great partnerships start with a conversation. That’s why our initial consultation is not just a formal exchange but a direct line to our creative directors—available 24/7, every day of the year. This approach ensures that from the very first moment, you’re speaking with someone who can make decisions and understand the depth of your project, not just a salesperson.

  • Personalized Interaction: Directly connect with our creative leaders who are ready to listen, understand, and advise.
  • Understand Every Detail: We delve deep into your project’s scope, aesthetic preferences, timeline, and budget. This is the perfect moment to share any sketches, plans, or inspirations you have.
  • Instant Ballpark Pricing: Gain an immediate understanding of potential costs, providing clarity from the outset.
Step 2

Project Proposal

Once we have a thorough understanding of your vision and requirements, our team crafts a tailored proposal. This step involves selecting the right talent from our pool of skilled artists, matched perfectly to your project’s needs and budget.

  • Customized Artist Selection: We propose artists whose expertise aligns with your project’s demands, ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Transparent Proposals: Our creative directors gather all necessary details to formulate a clear, detailed proposal. You’ll receive comprehensive information about project timelines, costs, and processes, ensuring there are no surprises.
  • Aligned with Your Vision: We commit to finding the best fit for your project, balancing high-quality results with your timeline and budget.
Step 3

White Render

We bring everyone together—your team, our artists, the Art Director, and our Quality Control Managers—all in one shared workspace. During the White Render stage, our artists will present various camera angles and lighting options using a white clay render, allowing you to visualize and select the perfect setup for your project. This stage is crucial for making any final adjustments to the model before we proceed with adding materials.

  • Collaborative Workspace: Engage directly with our entire creative team in real-time, ensuring your vision is perfectly aligned with our execution.
  • Camera and Lighting Decisions: Choose the ideal perspectives and lighting moods for your render, setting the foundation for the next steps.
Step 4

Material Render

With the camera angles set and the lighting mood chosen, our artists begin the meticulous process of applying materials and textures. At this stage, your feedback is vital. Our artists use only high-quality textures to achieve the most realistic effect possible and adjust the lighting settings to enhance these textural qualities.

  • Texture and Material Feedback: Your input drives the look and feel of the materials, ensuring they meet your specifications.
  • Detail-Oriented Execution: Every texture and lighting decision is crafted to bring out the best in your project.
Step 5

Final Rendering

Once you approve the material render, we proceed to bring your project to life in high resolution. Renderby uses a high-speed render farm to produce each image, complete with around 10 render elements like diffuse images, reflections, refractions, and lighting. These elements are crucial for in-depth post-production control.

  • High-Quality Outputs: Our high-speed render farm ensures quick delivery of high-resolution images.
  • Post-Production Readiness: Each rendering is equipped with comprehensive elements to facilitate detailed post-production tweaks.
Step 6


We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them. The final renderings are delivered digitally in the formats agreed upon during the proposal stage. Our team remains at your disposal for any further changes or extended work, ensuring that your files are accessible for download at any time in the future.

  • Flexible Formats and Access: Receive your renderings in various formats, accessible indefinitely to suit your ongoing needs.
  • Continued Support: Our commitment to your project extends beyond delivery, with our team ready to assist with any future adjustments.

See Our Workflow in Action

Ready to transform your vision into a stunning reality? At Renderby, we streamline the entire workflow of your projects, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration between clients, artists, and creative directors. Our transparent process allows you to stay involved at every stage, from initial concept to final delivery. Explore one of our project workspaces to see firsthand how we bring your ideas to life. Experience the difference Renderby can make for your next project. Contact us today to get started!

Estefania was very kind and professional to work with. A little difficult for the different local times to work with different artists but they put great effort to sort the problems out but it could end up with some delays. All the renders were very good in the end. thanks again

Pasquale Pinto
Redfish Design