Freelancer vs. Renderby Artist: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing between a typical freelancer and a Renderby artist can significantly impact your project’s success. Discover how Renderby’s curated network of skilled individual artists offers superior reliability, quality, and commitment compared to freelancers, ensuring your designs are brought to life with precision and excellence.
Freelancer vs Renderby

While we don’t mean to disparage the term “freelancer,” it often implies an undisciplined way of working. At Renderby, we prefer to call our professionals “Individual Artists.” More than 100 artists apply to join Renderby each month, but we only onboard one or two. This rigorous selection process ensures we deliver top-quality work, a stark contrast to the broader freelance market. In this article, we’ll explore why Renderby artists stand out compared to typical freelancers.

The Challenges with Freelancers
  1. Overwhelming Numbers and Low Quality:

    • Saturated Market: There are roughly ten freelancers for every architect, making it incredibly challenging to find truly talented artists. Most freelancers have only learned the software, not the actual skill required for high-quality 3D rendering.
    • Selection Difficulty: The sheer volume of freelancers makes it hard to identify quality. At Renderby, we invest as much time in selecting the right talent as we do in managing projects, ensuring you get the best artist without the hassle.
  2. Commitment and Reliability Issues:

    • Overcommitted Freelancers: Many freelancers take on more projects than they can handle, leading to missed deadlines and endless excuses. They often juggle multiple commitments, resulting in poor project management and delayed delivery.
    • Priority Problems: Freelancers tend to prioritize larger or more lucrative projects, leaving smaller tasks on the back burner. Since Renderby provides consistent work, our artists prioritize every project we assign.
  3. Lack of Investment in Growth:

    • Stagnant Skills: Freelancers often don’t invest in their growth, sticking to what they learned initially. This results in outdated techniques and inferior output.
    • Limited Resources: Many freelancers avoid spending money on high-quality libraries and textures, leading to subpar renders that don’t do your designs justice. At Renderby, we encourage our artists to continually invest in new resources, ensuring top-notch quality.
  4. Communication and Professionalism:

    • Poor Communication Skills: Many freelancers lack the soft skills necessary for effective communication, leading to misunderstandings and project delays. Renderby artists are trained in both technical skills and communication, ensuring smooth collaboration.
    • Handling Feedback: Freelancers can sometimes be resistant to constructive criticism. In contrast, our artists are open to feedback and committed to understanding client needs.
  5. Reliability and Motivation:

    • Unreliable Delivery: It’s not uncommon for freelancers to disappear at the last minute, leaving projects incomplete. At Renderby, our creative directors maintain constant contact with artists, ensuring project timelines are met.
    • Lack of Motivation: Freelancers often work in isolation, leading to burnout and decreased motivation. Renderby fosters a supportive community where artists are continually motivated by our art directors and creative directors.
  6. Technical Limitations:

    • Local Machines: Freelancers typically render on their local machines, which can take hours and compromise quality. Renderby artists have access to a render farm, allowing for high-quality outputs at much faster speeds.
    • Inadequate Post-Production: Many freelancers only adjust brightness and contrast, considering their work done. Renderby ensures comprehensive post-production, including additional render elements and professional compositing.
The Advantages of Renderby Artists
  1. Rigorous Selection Process:

    • Top Talent: With over 100 applicants monthly, Renderby’s acceptance rate ensures only the best artists join our team. This means our clients receive high-quality work without the guesswork.
    • Quality Assurance: Our stringent vetting process ensures that each artist has a keen eye for detail and the skill to produce exceptional renderings.
  2. Consistent Quality and Commitment:

    • Dedicated Artists: Renderby artists commit to projects they can deliver, maintaining transparency and reliability. If an artist can’t take on a project, it is promptly reassigned to another qualified artist.
    • Continuous Improvement: Our artists regularly attend workshops and take on new challenges, staying at the forefront of the industry.
  3. Access to Superior Resources:

    • Extensive Libraries: Renderby invests heavily in the latest libraries, materials, and textures, ensuring our artists have the best tools at their disposal.
    • State-of-the-Art Technology: Our artists use cutting-edge hardware and software, supported by a powerful render farm that ensures quick and high-quality outputs.
  4. Professional Oversight and Support:

    • Project Management: Every project is overseen by a creative director, quality manager, and project success manager, ensuring high standards and smooth execution.
    • Effective Communication: Renderby’s artists are trained in soft skills, ensuring clear and effective communication throughout the project.
CriteriaIn-House ArtistFreelancerStudio✓⃝  Renderby
Talent PoolLimited to hired individualsVast, but inconsistent qualityVaries by studio size and reputationExtensive, carefully curated global network
Turnover RateHighModerate to highHighLow
Skill DevelopmentLimited due to repetitive tasksOften stagnant after initial learningVaries; larger studios may offer more opportunitiesContinuous improvement through workshops and challenges
Project CommitmentDivided between many tasksOften overcommitted, leading to delaysGenerally reliable, but may outsource without transparencyHigh; only commit to projects they can complete
Resource AvailabilityLimited libraries and outdated toolsLimited by individual investmentMid-sized studios face resource constraintsExtensive libraries and state-of-the-art technology
Cost EfficiencyHigh overhead costs for salaries, equipment, and softwareVaries, but often lower quality for cheaper ratesHigher fees due to brand name, variable qualityCost-effective with zero overheads
ScalabilityLimited to current staffLimited by individual capacityCan scale but may struggle with large projectsHighly scalable, global network can handle projects of any size
FlexibilityFixed working hoursFlexible but often unreliableLimited to studio hours24/7 availability, continuous project progress
Quality ControlInconsistent due to high turnover and divided attentionInconsistent, highly variableMore consistent, but depends on outsourcing practicesStringent quality control with art directors and project managers
TransparencyHigh within the companyLow, freelancers may not disclose outsourcingVaries, often low due to hidden outsourcingHigh; clear communication and project management
Communication SkillsGenerally good, within the teamOften poor, leading to misunderstandingsVaries by studioExcellent, trained in soft skills and effective communication
Post-Production QualityBasic, often just brightness and contrast adjustmentsBasic, limited by individual expertiseGenerally good, varies by studioProfessional compositing and additional render elements
Motivation and SupportVariable, dependent on workplace environmentOften low due to isolationVaries by studio environmentHigh; constant support and motivation from creative directors
Overall ReliabilityModerate; subject to internal company dynamicsLow to moderate; often unreliableModerate to high; varies by studio size and reputationHigh; reliable and consistent due to structured processes
Portfolio vs. Delivered WorkOften matches as it’s internalOften doesn’t match; high risk of discrepancyGenerally matches, but risk of hidden outsourcingMatches; clear vetting process ensures high-quality delivery

This table highlights the key differences between in-house artists, freelancers, studios, and Renderby. While each option has its strengths and weaknesses, Renderby consistently excels in delivering high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable services with unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Why Renderby is the Smarter Choice
  1. Expertise and ExperienceRenderby artists bring diverse experiences from various projects, making them more adaptable and innovative compared to typical freelancers.

  2. Cost EfficiencyAvoid the financial burden of trial and error with unreliable freelancers. Renderby offers consistent quality, saving you time and money.

  3. Scalable SolutionsRenderby can scale to meet your needs, whether you require a quick turnaround on a small project or extensive work on a large development, without compromising quality.

  4. Quality and Consistency: Our stringent quality control processes ensure that every project meets the highest standards, something that can be challenging with freelancers.

Key Insights and Statistics
  1. Freelancer Saturation: For every architect, there are roughly ten freelancers, making it hard to find truly skilled artists.
  2. Selection Rate: Renderby only accepts 1-2 artists out of 100 applicants each month, ensuring top-tier talent.
  3. Resource Access: Renderby artists have access to over 10,000 unique materials and textures, far exceeding what most freelancers can offer.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Clients save up to 40% on 3D rendering costs by choosing Renderby, thanks to reduced overheads and efficient project management.

Choosing between a typical freelancer and a Renderby artist is a no-brainer. With Renderby, you gain access to a meticulously curated network of individual artists, state-of-the-art resources, and a support system that ensures your projects are completed to the highest standards. Save time, enhance project quality, and ensure timely delivery with Renderby. Your design firm’s success starts with making the smart choice today.

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Estefania was very kind and professional to work with. A little difficult for the different local times to work with different artists but they put great effort to sort the problems out but it could end up with some delays. All the renders were very good in the end. thanks again

Pasquale Pinto
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